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AI-powered, Physician-led Virtual Healthcare Platform

We’ve built the industry’s AI-driven, digital-first primary care service to manage population health at scale.


One platform for a seamless care experience

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Telemedecine Empowered by AI

Overcome geographical constraints effortlessly with our Telemedicine feature, enhanced by cutting-edge AI technology. Consult with patients and colleagues remotely, providing care and expertise no matter where you are. Our secure platform ensures the confidentiality and efficiency of every telemedicine interaction.

AI Meetings for Video Call

Harness the power of AI with our video call feature. Our AI meetings facilitate smooth and efficient video consultations, making it easier than ever to connect with peers and patients for medical discussions. Say goodbye to technical hassles and hello to productive meetings.

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Electronic Medical Records

Our Electronic Medical Records system simplifies data management. Easily access, update, and secure patient records, ensuring that essential medical information is at your fingertips whenever you need it. Improve the quality of care with organized, efficient EMR.

Smartbot Assistance

Empower your workflow with our AI-powered smartbot, meticulously crafted to optimize the handling of meeting notes, swiftly retrieve crucial patient information, and expedite the appointment booking process. It will assist by:

  • Managing Meeting Notes

  • Locating Patient Information

  • Speedy Appointment Booking

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Smart Queue management system

Effortlessly streamline your patient flow with our Queue Management service. Patients are dynamically recorded in a live queue, enabling doctors to efficiently manage appointments. Stay organized and enhance patient experience by having a clear overview of the queue, including allocated time for each patient.

Physician-led Consultation

Empower your medical expertise with our Specialist Consultation service. In challenging cases or when a precise diagnosis is elusive, our platform facilitates doctor-to-doctor consultations. Collaborate seamlessly with specialists to gain insights, share expertise, and ensure comprehensive care for your patients. Elevate the quality of healthcare through collective expertise and informed decisions.

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